For Your Face Beauty A good facial massage

A good facial massage, irritability, headache and fatigue Resolve calmness and relaxation. It is useful in showing people apparently much younger. Accelerating blood circulation and gives the skin a healthy glow alive. Hundred loosen tense muscles recover from fatigue and weakness statements. The effect is so extraordinary that he prefers to face massage done regularly rather than stretching a customer’s face.

Men often do not think of taking a facial massage; but they also need it at least as much as women. Several foreign states massage regularly throughout the whole life of man, was taking me until no facial massage; If shims do not disturb it at all. I think everyone should behave in this way. This massage is only temporary, even if it is a simple way to resolve the anxiety and tension.

Your hands should be relaxed to make a good facial massage, movement should move your fluency and confidence feeling; This also happens with experience. So before or try your own face or try to implement your action sequences.

Kneel behind the head of your friend and use a mild facial oil or enriched face cream. Be sure to use a sufficient amount of oil to drag your skin movement. Your hands are clean and smooth, your nails should be short so as not to scratch the face. Tell remove contact lenses if your friend is using. Massage and passing from one region to ensure continuity during the initial pat movements can use to connect your movement.

Facial massage to slow the aging process, it is quite a popular cosmetic treatment of Westerners to provide more young and healthy looking skin. Facial massage at the same time stress, migraine headaches, menstrual periods used for the alleviation of premenstrual syndrome and sinus congestion. Facial massage is a complete massage session can be a part of a part or the whole body massage, facial treatment. Facial massage is a professional massage therapist, applied by an esthetician or cosmetologist. Simple facial massage can be done at home on their own. Massage of the face is usually made with hands; mechanical massagers in the beauty salon or spa centers, however, be used. Delicate small amount of oil or lotion is applied to the skin in order to facilitate movement of the hand of the skin.

Facial massage therapy in the eastern part of the whole body massage. In full body massage to open the blockage of qi, or life energy flow and pressure points on the face and neck are stimulated. Facial massage is applied to acupuncture, shiatsu and yoga techniques used in lotions or oils.

Western Style Face Massage
In Western-style massage, facial massage as a part of the body massage, facial massage therapy is different from all. All facial massage, mask, steam therapy and similar techniques. Regular massage at the beginning or at the end of the massage session includes a massage of the face.

For Western-style facial massage usually efloraj (scroll motion) motion is used. Facial massage should be performed to apply pressure moves slowly so as not to stretch the skin of the face and be alert. Moves upward pressure is applied to remove the facial muscles instead of pulling down. A typical facial massage comprising the steps of:

Wash hands with soap and water before the massage. If people are using contact lenses to do the massage, you are prompted to remove the lens.
The most comfortable position or the position of the person to lie on a massage table that sits in a chair. In contrast, a clean surface can be applied in any field like facial massage.
Face of a person using a small quantity of cleaning slowly cleared. Cleaner applied with a damp cotton cloth or face-to-face sponges. Then the remainder of the cleaner should be cleaned with a clean, damp cotton cloth.
Face cream or lotion is applied. Made symmetrical face and neck massage with circular movements. Neck and face massage is applied until around. No facial muscles should not be skipped.
Then, gently apply pressure to the back of the forehead. Thumbs are placed side by side in the middle of the forehead to form a roof over his face. Thumbs are moved towards the temple and made a gentle sweeping motion in the temple.
Hands environment face pressure to the area below the eyebrow placed along the pit apply. On the brow ridge with thumb pressure is applied individually. Out through the pressure point is moved toward the brow and thumb pressure is repeated. This technique helps to reduce tension headaches.
Thumb are placed on the nose bridge to close the hands face. Thumbs, the sides of the cheeks to the right and in the right nostril, applying pressure shifted firmly. When hands are removed by reducing the pressure slowly reaches the hairline thumb.
Fingertips are placed on the cheek muscles and a few minutes of massage is applied to the cheek muscles slowly in the opposite direction clockwise. This action reduces the tension in the cheeks.
Ear edges rubbed with the index finger and thumb on. This technique is very relaxing and enjoyable.
The fingers on the back of the neck and also applying pressure with the thumb on one of the jaws. Sufficiently stimulated by this point before moving on to another point in a circular motion. Kept chin with your fingers and applying downward circular motions with thumb rubbed. Chin chin rubbing gently massage is finished. This action reduces the tension in the mouth and jaw.
Head made a circular motion with the skin and fingers made as scans hair. In this way, so voltage and over again discarded and the scalp is stimulated.
Finally massage cream or lotion cleaned with a clean, damp cloth. Facial massage is usually applied to the face at the end of a special lotion.

Face Massage Therapy in East
Shiatsu, acupuncture and similar Eastern therapies, apply pressure to certain points on the face to stimulate certain meridian energy flow or open important. Percentages pressure points and helping to treat health problems by stimulating these points are as follows:

Located in the center of the eye through the nasal bone Stomach 1 point: Tension and eyestrain
1 point up to 4 cm below the stomach, nose base located in the stomach level 2 from sinus and nasal congestion
Stomach 4 points with the rim: General stress and tension
Stomach 6 point located 2 cm in front of the base level of the earlobe: Toothache
Coupling between the lower lip and chin vessel (end): Percentage and tension in the mouth
Bladder 1 point at the inner corner of the eye: headache and eyestrain
The gallbladder is located 2 cm from the outer corner of the eye 1 point: Headaches
The gallbladder is located in front of the ear lobe and the top two from ringing in the ears, eyes, swelling and dizziness

Some yoga techniques include eye problems and the implementation of personal care against tension. Against pressure points surrounding the eye with the palm or knuckles pressure is applied.

Down sagging eyebrows, eyelids, bags prevent them from starting in a little more depth to the line … All this unfortunately by no signs of aging. Mirror live without fear, “how it looks” good idea to reserve your massage ten minutes every day to get rid of the nightmare. Massage, is not only good for stress and tense muscles the same time has an impact on the reduction of wrinkles. To apply for the lifting massage your wrinkles do not need to go to the absolute beauty centers as well. That will allow reading timeless beauty in old age, even at this time will purify you from stress massage techniques …

Raise your neck
Lift up your head. Then your neck alternately with your right and left hands, rub the bottom upwards. This massage starting from your neck, you should make sure to correct the tip of the chin.

Reduce Stress
The circles mark and massage your temples with the help of your middle finger. Take deep breaths and repeat the massage three times while doing it.

Reinforcement of facial muscles
Since eyebrows start your middle finger to rub the area up to your temples. Including three times this movement, your upper brow area, the second stage of applying to the bottom of your browser. Then follow the same movement towards your scalp, starting here in your browser and return to the same pressure toward your temple. Repeat this massage three times.

Empower your tissue
With the help of your middle finger to your nose wing began drawing small circles in the lower part of your cheekbones and massage the area from there up to your ear.

Check the voltage
Hands rub your palms together to warm up for 20 seconds. Close your eyes, put your hands on your face and relax for 1 minute. Then put your hands over your ears, try to purify your soul and tension in your face. Take deep breaths while doing it.

Raise your eyebrows
Get your thumb and index finger between your eyebrows and gently rubbing the inside to the outside. Then lift your eyebrows by applying slight pressure to the area with your fingertips slightly upwards. Follow this massage during your brow line and repeat 4 times.

More tense facial
Put your middle finger between your lower lip and chin area. Draw up outside light basınçuygula by small circles. This movement strengthens your structure of your face and helps apparent stubbornness.

Liven up your cheeks
Gently massage your ears starting up your nose with your fingers every day in order to keep your cheeks rosy and tense. This movement is lighter than the inner side while the rest of the region, whereas the area under the cheekbones apply a little more pressure. Massage Repeat 4 times.

Get rid of wrinkles on your forehead
Both the middle of your forehead with your right hand fingers to rub my forehead to the outside with slight pressure.