Full body classic massage istanbul

Combining three basic movements of classical massage; (long, hard strokes, rubbing and small circular motions) applies. Regulates blood pressure, soothes aching muscles, improves blood circulation and provides relief.


Sports Massage is a massage method, which factors in the physiological and physical development, known as the Classic Massage athletes. Sports massage is a concept formed by the faces of the five basic motion planning for different purposes known classical massage. This aspect of the sport massage, massage preparations, we can identify three groups including massage and during sports activities.


body part (local) or fully implemented tissues stimulates cells by increasing the velocity with classic massage, regulates circulation, strengthens the concentration of reducing muscle tension. The person who is important to massage the day to help kurtulmanı from the fatigue and stress, in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to make you feel fresh and rested.


This type of massage is often used as a general method of rest and relaxation with a fresh start to the day the body or in order to get rid of fatigue and boredom of everyday life. The person who is important to massage in a relaxed and enjoyable environment that feeling himself fit and rested. Usually, massage oil made with only optionally possible to apply classical massage without the use of lubricating material in some cases. Öfleraj, petrissage, friction, including Type Cleaner bearings and vibration massage manipulations are done with western techniques.


Classic massage the body, balancing the mind and mental integrity, to be directed by a person who has applied to the hardness of massage manipulations is an application that originated in the Far East. With ceremonial content and different techniques in order to achieve balance within the body needs is a very effective method.


At the same time Swedish Massage method of applied sports massage, also called (classic massage), this method, all kinds of massage may be the most widely used techniques…