Manuel Lymph drainage therapy İstanbul

Lymph drainage system that carries nutrients to cells and tissue edema accumulated in our body that helps our body is called in short white renewing the bloodstream.

Lymph Circulatory System Why should speed up?

Is water a day changed me in the pool if you want to swim in the pool changed once a week? Will naturally want to swim in a pool every day we changed. In the body’s lymphatic system simulation we do not have done it many mistakes. No matter how fast the lymphatic system of the body to harmful accumulate in the body so we have less exposure.

Lymph Drainage Therapy in Which to Use?

Lymph Drainage;
– Edema that occurs after the disease in the body,
– For the relief of cellulite,
– Attenuation of treatment – as supportive,
– The removal of varicose veins that occur after pregnancy – after a period as a promoter and nekehat,
– The elimination of accumulated toxins in the body,
are widely used as therapeutic and supportive manner.

Is Lymph Drainage is applied to each person?

Lymph Drainage;
– In patients with high blood pressure,
– Haemorrhoids / piles patients,
– Diabetes / diabetes,
– In patients with osteoporosis,
– Is inconvenient for use in pregnant women should be applied in the control of experienced doctors.

Lymph Drainage applicable to each area?

Lymphatic drainage is a treatment modality application should already surrounds the entire body. Therefore applied to the entire body. Regional sense is not any drawbacks.
Lymphatic drainage massage, the result will be in the local slimming and body firming treatments to improve the quality and kalıcıg can be administered alone, especially cavitation, radiofrequency, electrotherapy, providing a more rapid and effective learning results when combined with systems such as Power Plate properly applied.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage, just by activating the lymphatic system not only enables the elimination urinary tract, which edema and toxins cause regional adiposity, but also provides an intensive busier cells because circulate system layout of the skin with the arrival of the blood and tissue in the tightening. All of these features, as well as lymphatic drainage massage weight loss effects of the process to streamline the metabolic rate floor is also extremely pleasant and relaxing. Lymph Drainage Massage, except regional slimming cures, particularly in the discharge of menopause due to hormonal changes edema accumulated in the body is extremely effective.
Lymph Drainage What is it?

The body massager pressure device is accelerated lymphatic and venous circulation in the body thereby creating media to drain the liquid accumulated in the vessels. The removal of edema due to various diseases that occur in the body, cellulite treatment is a method that increases the effectiveness of local slimming and body firming program.
Lymph Drainage Applicable Who?

Extremely severe circulatory disorders and circulatory disorders which can be applied to anyone except those disorders causing the problem.
Lymph Drainage Device Available in what situation?

* The recovery of muscle tissue and body sagging loose
* After pregnancy the varicose veins, edema (accumulation of water) and sagging in
* Weight of problems
* Cellulite problem
* Available in the regulation of lymphatic flow.
Lymph Drainage can give few pounds?

Lymphatic drainage is a device that can provide weight loss alone. May be effective for weight loss or thinning can be used in the regional program.
Lymph Drainage should come in several sessions?

How many sessions application can be done, but our experts will decide after the preliminary examination.

Lymph drainage, cellulite is a therapy based on the pressure of the local slimming and body firming program. Cellulitis of the first stage and in the light of regional adiposity in the advanced stages of cellulite can be administered alone and in combination with applicable regional fat cavitation program. Other programs included lymph drainage, increase the impact and sustainability of results.

This method performed by lymph drainage device, starting from the waist to toes and even a massage technique applied is based on the intensive longitudinal up. This will accelerate the lymph circulation through massage.

The most important feature of the system is to ensure the removal of lymph edema and toxins in the body and the regulation of the circulatory system. The day sitting at a desk in the surviving person or business that constantly occurs circulatory disorders for several reasons. The disorder affects both blood circulation and lymph circulation. Lymph circulation of corruption comes in many diseases, including cellulitis occurred primarily as a result. In this therapy, lymphatic flow direction, acceleration of lymph circulation by applying pressure at different power is supplied.

Each session of the lymph drainage process takes approximately 30-35 minutes. There are 10 different programs of the device. Each program is 30 to 120 mm / Hg pressure force ranging Programmed by patients. The application is painless. This device is extremely soothing and relaxing massage that occurs in the body, especially the legs edema, weight, and also helps to decrease the pain sensation.