Reflexology Therapy İstanbul

Reflexology is located between the treatment we also supportive or complementary therapy today.

Reflexology points out that the electrochemical messages nerve stimulation with specific techniques that appear to argue that stimulate the bodies concerned with the aid of neurons.

Besides psychology in particular is being implemented as a supplement in the treatment of panic attacks and depression, disease, particularly in particular autism and spastic patients paralyzed with children with disabilities on persons with disabilities in Russia and the United States has led to the emergence of serious progress in many disability groups.

Foot and hand reflexology manual stimulation of specific points on the body and the nervous stimulation of blood circulation. The most widely used is the foot reflexology. Stress is perhaps the most fundamental problems faced by the people today. This effect on the nervous system of the problem is proven by studies in recent years is based on it many problems we face in daily life. Stress slows the blood circulation speeds up the food intake of the body reflexology accelerating blood circulation and toxin excretion. Works better than that experienced especially in winter colds and flu type of immune system Reflexology is hard to work with people who have the research that we do, and more resistant to disease. Such experiences give us our patients who are not regular reflexology to our surprise. In fact, this combination is useful to explain another review in reflexology definition. That blocked energy is basically saying that the disease therefore leave a comment telling comment on such a channel is brought into the normal course of just opening a clogged duct.

Surely the powers that are expert in health infrastructure and competence should be doing.
This nerve points according to the method in our hands and soles of our latest finds our bodies are available. In other words, there is a point where every body is reflected in the hand and soles of the feet. For Example; made to foot reflexology treatments of liver stimulates the liver point.

Often occurs in the period from 10 minutes up to 45 sessions are held in a specially designed chair. Of course, toddlers are often a different application or for people with disabilities in general, we recommend the inclusion of mothers lap by a soft cushion or patients in such cases. Meanwhile, most of the time we encounter a question of the effect of age Let reflexology have answered here, the patient’s psychology and even to the level of disease vary depending on the psychology of the caregivers.

Sometimes I can only say that the to say that try to reduce the efficiency of therapy strong suspicion of those who came to us the reflexology technique is exactly the opposite gerekir.ya logical and scientific finds positive perspective of people with the healing process is faster.
The shortest treatment may vary between 6 months and 4 months. In this period of 6 months to 1 year Up to Disabled uzayabilir.tedav duration of the patient’s age, location, and can even vary according to even psychological state. But overall autistic children and the first six sessions in absolute positive effects seen in spastic children.

1 session per week for at least 6 months, including
In hernia 8-16 Sessions
Migraine in 8-20 sessions
Pain in the joints 8-16
Sessions depression and panic attacks are made in 16 sessions.



By Leonardo da Vinci had an engineering wonder of our feet, like a mirror of our physical and mental health!

Reflexology in the history of 5000 years ago, extends to the Egyptian Pharaoh. This date takes up to 12 000 years ago in the South American civilizations Reflexology vardir.Tarihte research in India, Japan, and the United States are recorded in the Indian civilization is known in China. After a lot of reflexology in the 1900s, Dr. William Fitzgerald will rediscover.

Dr. Fitzgerald Reflexology has been used as a pain relief method. Over time, the American Reflexology spread to the four corners of the world from continent to certain reflex points in the feet that savunur.tıbb According to the dictionary “reflex” The word is defined as the involuntary muscle contractions to be connected to external influences. However, the “reflex” word, the content of this therapy, the whole organism, the head, the neck and the body seen as a reflection of the small screen is treated as an outpatient.

Peripheral stimulation can improve the definition of their termination in our hands all the organs and the nerve endings in the soles of their extension so as to stimulate ending with manual techniques tanımlayabiliriz.kısa our hands and soles of the nervous system including the brain with reflexology present form.

Reflexology, on foot, all parts of the body, organs and the corresponding reflex point of the system, hand, and primarily the central nervous system, each targeted warnings made transdermally from a print tekniğidir.ayak applied with your fingers and then to the brain directly impacts thus related in the brain, organs or divide that controls synaptic bonds between neurons enriched karmaşıklaşarak income level tasks to do better.
The mechanism of self-treatment of the body with this method is activated and provides a physiological relaxation in the body.

Today, a majority of diseases related to stress. Disease is the direct result of people’s thinking and behavior. Fear, sadness, anxiety and other negative emotions and thoughts creates an imbalance in the body. Body has lost its balance and can not work efficiently. Be a continuous flow of nerve is required for efficient functioning of the human body. Here are the various glands associated with that point the warning applied to the foot point, reflexology, organs and cells, and ultimately the entire body in the nervous system by düzenlenir.böyle circulation starts to regular operation of the body reveals the power to heal itself.

To keep the body’s balance, optimum operation of the circulation and nervous system is very important for all organs and glands. Because they work for the health of the organs and glands of the body. Each of these will take in between these wire-shaped structures that neural networks with central nervous system alerts other parts of the body consisting of the bundle provides its own contribution and excellent work sağlarlar.sin the organism. These are the body’s “the wire” form. As in any complex system could be here a short circuit wire. Short circuit usually caused by a major nerve bundle or organ due to significant pressure on the nerve.

Relaxation with nerves and eliminates pressure on the blood vessels, improves blood circulation and nutrient rich in oxygen consequently spread throughout the body.
As can be seen today as a treatment in reflexology can provide preventive health concepts in a serious support of many neurological problems related to nervous ..


BEL-neck hernia
Development delays
Pinched nerve in KARPALTUNEL WRIST
Joint pain and rheumatism
Stroke and trauma are
Constipation and indigestion

-Early Vaginismus BOŞALMA- frigidity

Muscle disorders, …

Reflexology sessions frequency
Reflexology sessions frequency varies according to the degree and and disease disease … this number of sessions in a waist FIG example, in some of the problems 20 to 30 sessions, while applied to a spastic child reflexology week three or four sessions to continue until one year edebilir..seans duration in yet to supply variability of 20 minutes to 40 can take the minutes ars … this time but a good specialist ayarlayabilir.refleksoloj the side effects may be because it is a work done by a good specialist gereklidir..özellikl children with disabilities in epileptic potential height and complications in open structures requires that …

-K Regulating the circulation contributes to the lymphatic system operation.
-Vücu Helps you detoxify
– Reflexology of detection is good for the lack of attention, you know that facilitates learning and memory?
– Has the effect of painkillers act very quickly, especially in joint pain and stress headaches origin.
– Delay the signs of aging as it provides the nutrition of the cells in the best possible way.
– Helping to be more resistant to diseases for which strengthens the immune system.
– Is effective in the oldog anxiety disorder panic attacks have a successful impact and reduce stress.
– Providing the best work of body organs.
– Helps to recover the body after surgery.
– Reduce spasms in muscles and tendons.
– Has a relaxing effect on the nervous system lowers the level busebebl depression.
– Helps to remove edema collected after disease in the body.
– Sedentary lifestyle in people who have a positive impact.
– Provides oil and sweat glands of the skin by activating the moisture.

What does Reflexology
it evokes a deep sense of comfort.
it reduces tension and stress.
it encourages the body to heal itself.
it regulates the blood circulation.
that regulate blood pressure.
it creates an incredible joy.
it gives the feeling more secure.
it deepens sleep and reduces insomnia.
relieving aches and pains that reduces the blood system.
or increase joint mobility.
it makes the detox effect of additives and purifies the body of toxins.
it balances hormones, menopause and premenstrual tension (PMT) such irregularities also helped
it improves the skin type and skin tone.
he indigestion, constipation, relieve diarrhea and other digestive disorders.
it slows and deepens breathing.
it strengthens the sputum.
it helps in the healing of the urinary tract problems such as bladder Election.
it prevents the occurrence of the disease in advance.
it stimulates mental functions and helps concentration.
he finds investigate the cause of the disease.
that regulate emotional imbalances.
it relieves excessive work in any part of the body or parts of the movement had few employees.


Reflexology is a natural healing
Natural Healing, Reflexology
Our body’s natural healing powers passing move with natural healing methods can feel better.
The nerve endings in the human body based on medical information 7000 of them are in the soles. Foot is where the ends of all the meridian channels at the same time.
Reflexology, with special strokes applied to the foot of the body dissolves blocked in certain areas of energy, defined as the body’s self-healing power to mobilize. Reflexology ‘balance’ is therapy that. Reflexology Therapy person’s own physical, emotional and spiritual care makes you feel good and give the person a natural balance.

Reflexology is an enjoyable, relaxing and pain pains to give a terapidir.refleksoloj of all parts of the body, where the feet of the corresponding reflex point to the organs and systems of the anatomy of the body of these points is an art based on the principle that the mirror. Reflexology is applied with a special technique by pressure and rubbing their hands and fingers on these reflex points.

Reflexology in the history of 5000 years ago, extends to the Egyptian Pharaoh. History of Reflexology in India, Japan, and the United States are recorded in the Indian civilization is known in China. After a lot of reflexology in the 1900s, Dr. William Fitzgerald will rediscover. Dr. Fitzgerald Reflexology has been used as a pain relief method. Over time, the American Reflexology emitted from the four corners of the world’s continents, by the presence of certain reflex points in the feet slowly began to take shape today.

The benefits of reflexology can be summarized as follows:
Reflexology, normalizes body functions. Normalized relaxation fonksiyonlarr human body, as it provides a purified body of quality sleep and toxins, relieve pain also strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Stress, Fatigue, Insomnia, Migraine, Headache
Gynecology, menopause, menstrual problems

Constipation, indigestion, back pain, rheumatism, sciatica, joint inflammations, sinusitis, asthma, prostate problems

Reflexology has been proven scientifically te. Diagnosis is the perfect case. Reflexology is a specialist, the problems of the people he touched the feet probably can tehşis. When it comes to the treatment of the subject; Other Natural Therapies Reflexology as well, “preventive health” in the context makes their part. Unlike other natural therapeutic reflexology, the body’s own healing mechanism.

Reflexology, people need as determined by the foresight Umeda 1 session per week (15-30 minutes) is recommended to apply. Reflexology is not only the difficulties mentioned above, is very effective at the same time to win the people’s own natural balance.