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I have received professional training, honest, ethical, and respectful business principles and masseur oath …

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Do you want a real massage? But not being able to find a real professional masseur? Now you in the right place.

Hi, My name is Sadık. I am a massage therapist. In the seven years I’ve been a professional massage in the hotel spa tourism in the region. Istanbul I also provide massage services to individual house for 4 years. With a total of 11 years of massage experience I receive path towards the goal of being the best masj therapist. I have a 60-hour and 608-hour certificate course completion certificates masseur Ministry of Education approved master. Who willingly work in ethics, knowledge, a masseur will rely on the skills and tecrüle, one of those to me that the most happy, waist, then get rid of the pain of those suffering pain such as back and neck pain continues I do love my happiness job on their faces.

Massage Services to Home

From the Internet to a massage therapist who work ethically and professionally aware of your not come across. The massage by our website we hope you realize the seriousness of this cause for real masseurs. Massage needy in Istanbul with the heavy workload and cause traffic problems now instead of going to a massage parlor massage They said they were satisfied with the service from their own homes. To go to a salon for Istanbul 2-3 hours you are freed from the heavy traffic. Of people who are very few professional massage services, we usually know that you need to have sex and immorality harass massages. We are here to bring you the real massage ayapan. Declaring the types of massage that you require, you must make an appointment in advance for 2-3 days. Confirm the address you have provided during the day and time you specify fully equipped and after confirmation will be your home address. Weekdays from 09:30 am pm 19: 00 until I give massages.

Materials and Products Used in Massage Services

Massage bed,

According to a special type of massage oils (cellulite, aromatherapy, medical oils),

Relaxing Spa Relax And massages are presented in the style of meditation music.

I have experience Massage Therapy;

Aromatherapy Massage,
Anti-Stress Massage,
Classic Swedish Massage,
Cellulite Massage,
Regional Weight Loss (Manual Lymph Drainage)
Medical Massage,
Volcanic Hot Stone Therapy (Hot Stone Thrapy)
Local (regional, arms, legs, waist, back, neck) Massage
Facial Massage,
Deep Tissue Massage,
Soft Tissue Massage,
King And Queen (Four Hand Massage – is carried out by two masseurs)

Trigger Point Massage,
Even Point Massage (Indiana’s Head Point Thrapy)
Neck Massage,
Chair Massage,
Honey Massage,
Baby Massage,
Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage,
Sports Massage,
Swedish Massage,
Ayurvedic Massage

I made you relax all your muscles with massage therapy, you will find that you feel comfortable in your entire body. After the first session will witness for yourself the medical back massage will decrease your pain …